May God bless you from Zion and may you gaze upon the Goodness of Jerusalem all the days of your life!

The fate of the entire world hangs in the balance... and you CAN make the difference.

Let’s face it, darkness is descending upon the world…

Darkness is Descending Upon the World...

Economies are crumbling around the globe. Governments are seizing power. Debt spending is spiraling out of control. Taxes are rising. And the threat of massive inflation looms.

In America, the political parties are more divided than ever. Neither side is willing or even able to yield.

The world has literally become a boiling pot, ready to explode.

It’s a situation of neighbor against neighbor. Friend against friend.

Over 160 MILLION lives… are we immune from it?

Look at it this way…

The American Civil War took place only 150 years ago and 628,000 American lives were taken.

More Americans died in that conflict than in any other. Not ONLY because it was American versus American, but because the war and bloodshed took place on American soil.

Now think about this…

Since the Civil War there been over ONE HUNDRED more wars fought around the world and a staggering 160 MILLION lives have been tragically lost.

Just think about World War I and II…

The people who lived in Europe and Asia during the last century faced nearly continuous fighting.

An estimated 75 MILLION people were killed in those two epic conflicts.  That’s more than EVERYONE currently living in California, Texas and New York states COMBINED!

There was also the Jewish holocaust in which over 6 MILLION people were targeted and murdered… men, woman and children, the elderly and EVEN INFANTS.

Europe and Asia were destroyed and rebuilt, only to be destroyed again.

The horrors are too numerous to list. The suffering unimaginable.


Yet the agony and experience of war is something that the average American has been spared.

For the last century Americans haven’t had to fight protect their own soil and homes and families. Wars have been fought far away, across an ocean or around the globe.

Have you ever wondered why?

Might there be a reason American soil has been spared?

What if there is a reason? And what if that reason is about to expire?

What if the American people no longer merit such a blessing?

Imagine how many American lives would be lost if a war were to come to American soil now?

Don’t think it can’t happen…

America is being invaded from the South.

America is being invaded from the South...

There are an “estimated” TWELVE MILLION illegal immigrants now living in the United States.

I can see it with my own eyes… they are everywhere. Everywhere I go.

They horde around at the local Mini-Marts waiting to get hired as day laborers. They are cutting grass, building houses and working in nearly every field.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t have a problem with immigrants.  This nation was built by immigrants.

But illegals pay no taxes, yet derive all the benefits of tax-paying citizens.

The effect is a drain on all our resources; medical, food, education, energy, housing, homeland security and law enforcement.

It literally weakens us, this invasion from the South.

They say there are ONLY 12,000,000 (as if that number is so small).

We all know the government wants to cover up the immigration problems this country is facing. In fact, the real numbers are probably substantially higher.

Nearly FIFTY MILLION people are on food stamps.

Recent statistics from the U.S. Government show that record number of people are on FOOD STAMPS in this country.

How many people? Just about 50 MILLION!

That’s 50,000,000 who are unable to feed themselves and their families.

That’s nearly 16% of the entire population.


1 in EVERY 6 American needs food stamps... TODAY!

That’s means the next time you are out in public, count off every SIX people you come across, and the SIXTH one can’t feed himself and his family.

We’re talking about a SHOCKINGLY ENORMOUS amount of people.


The Muslim Awakening is taking place around the globe before our very eyes…
Islam won't stop until they dominate the entire world!

Flip through the news and what do you see?

It’s shocking… Arab civil wars consume the Middle East.

We know what to expect from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon…

But like an unstoppable plague, so many other countries are collapsing.

And it is AMERICA that is supporting these wars… in the name of PEACE, nonetheless!

That’s right… America has spent the last four years supporting these Arab wars for “peace.”

And what has the world gotten from these American efforts?

More Muslim extremists controlling more land, more people and more oil!

Just think about Egypt, only a few years ago a tourist destination, now a dangerous and unstable place with the extreme Muslim Brotherhood in control of the entire nation!

Muslim Sharia Law is spreading like an out-of-control wildfire and the world can do NOTHING to stop it…

War is coming to American soil!

In fact, the more the world and America get involved, the faster and more lethal this threat becomes.

And the threat is spreading nearly every day.

It is only a matter of time before they bring the full force of their anger to American soil AGAIN!

But what is American to do?  Can we sit idle while the threat grows daily?

Pakistan and their nuclear weapons are now a VERY REAL THREAT.

North Korea and their nuclear weapon are now a VERY REAL THREAT.

IRAN and their soon to be NUCLEAR weapons are about to become a VERY REAL THREAT!

Is a nuclear Iran unstoppable/?


Every day, in fact every hour, Iran races closer to having a NUCLEAR WEAPON.

Who is going to stop Iran?

Who is going to step up and prevent the world from descending into certain and unthinkable nuclear holocaust?

Will America? America already had its chance to intervene in Iran… but chose not to.

Will Europe? Europe is shaking in its boots, staring out their windows helpless as the Muslims invade and take over one block at a time.

How about the U.N.? Could there be a bigger farce? The U.N. is already controlled by the Muslims.

Then there’s Russia, China, Cuba, Turkey and North Korea… they all openly SUPPORT Iran but, even worse, they constantly violate dozens of U.N. sanctions that already exist against Iran.

If only this were the figment of some Hollywood writer’s imagination.

Unfortunately, this all real. VERY REAL!

And what country lies in the cross-hairs?



And let’s be brutally honest here: The world is once again turning against ISRAEL and the Jewish people…
But it’s REALLY the fate of America that hangs in the balance.

Make no mistake about it – this is what is happening around the globe.

We’re not only talking about the Middle East and Muslim controlled countries…

Nearly ALL nations are turning their backs on Israel.

Perhaps most troubling of all…

America has been the great supporter of Israel for over 60 years…

But support for Israel has clearly waned as Islam rises.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that anything else is going on in America and with its government… America has begun to turn on Israel.

And for so many True Believers and God fearing Americans, the idea that our great country will turn its back on Israel should send shivers down our spines.


Perhaps the very reason America has been spared the horrors of war is BECAUSE of America’s support of Israel and the Jewish people!

Please understand, I’m not writing to play party politics or to make the already desperate situation any worse than it already is.

For me, it doesn’t matter which side of the political aisle you personally gravitate to, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative… or anything in between.

I am writing to you because the world is becoming a dark and scary place before our very eyes. There is division everywhere, but what is the source of this division and from where does it emanate?

Perhaps we can uncover the problem…

At the outset of the Democratic Party Convention in 2012, the Democratic Party had REMOVED the following CRITICAL TWO SENTENCES from their platform:

“Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel.”
“It should remain an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths.

Furthermore, was gone a reference to Hamas, the sworn enemy of Israel:

The United States and its Quartet partners should continue to isolate Hamas until it renounces terrorism, recognizes Israel’s right to exist, and abides by past agreements.

These two glaring omissions are TRULY frightening!!

Especially from the political party that was about maintaining, in fact strengthening, its power and control over American politics.

My goal is not to pick on honest and God fearing Democrats, I am only reporting FACTS.


They booed Israel. They booed God.


For the leading political party to take sides AGAINST ISRAEL…

Is it EVEN possible?

I want to scream “NO!”

I want to yell “STOP!”

But I see the news… I see what is going on… And I am scared.


And you should be too… this is what OUR America has become!


And let’s face it, Israel does NOT NEED THE SUPPORT OF AMERICA.


The fate of America hangs in the balance…


The Bible, the Prophets and both ancient and modern history makes it abundantly clear that Israel is under God’s direct and absolute protection. There is absolutely no doubt.

‘The God of Israel is a God that neither slumber nor sleeps.’ He may Hide His Face, but turn his back on His People and His Nation He does not and He will not.

Now think about this… where were the Jews just 100 years ago? A mere 10 decades ago almost the totality of the world’s Jews were in Europe.

And then came World War II… the horrors of that time I need not repeat here.

But then what happened?

Perhaps the greatest miracle since the Ten Plagues swept through Ancient Egypt when God Himself took the Jews out of Slavery to the land of Israel…

God led the Jews BACK TO ISRAEL… AGAIN!

Who could imagine or dream such a dream other than God Himself??

The State of Israel is Born!

From the ashes of World War II rose the land of Israel. The Jewish people in possession of their ancestral land for the first time in nearly 2000 years.

And look what has happened in America…

America has risen to become the greatest and most powerful nation in world history.

In that same time it has been America that has supported Israel. It has been America that has support the Jewish people’s return to its rightful and ancient homeland!

Is it a coincidence? Could it be random?

If you believe in God then you know there is no coincidence.

Perhaps America has been blessed the way it has over the last 70+ years BECAUSE of its support of Israel and Jewish people!

Who knows… perhaps America has been blessed all these years because of what a fateful generation gave of themselves when they stormed the beaches of Normandy, Omaha and others during World War 2.

They were a generation that gave their lives across Europe to fight the greatest evil of modern times… but for what?

Perhaps it was to save the Jewish people from certain destruction… and to REVIVE ISRAEL!

Whether or not their intent was to save the Jewish people and to ultimately rebuild Israel… it is nonetheless what they actually did.


God will not allow any good deed to go UNREWARDED!

It was NOT for nothing… and certainly their sacrifice did NOT go unrewarded!

God rewards mankind for even the SMALLEST of good deeds… HOW MUCH MORE SO A GENERATION SACRIFICING THEIR LIVES!?

So what might the reward be for an entire generation that sacrificed itself to save God’s Chosen People?

What could be the reward for such an act?!

Maybe now we can understand why America has been so blessed?

Maybe now we can understand why Americans have not needed to defend their soil, their homes or their families?

Perhaps now we can understand the great reward for a generation of Americans who stood up for God and God’s Chosen People!

But let’s face it, that generation is quickly fading into history… time moves on and generations come and go.

Here’s what our generation has done (and it’s frightening):
  • Our generation has begun to elevate Israel’s sworn enemies.
  • Our generation has begun to turn its back on God’s Chosen People.
  • Our generation has begun to throw support of Israel to the wayside.
  • Our generation has begun to DESPISE God’s Chosen Land… and Jerusalem.


Now I hope you are starting to understand why I am so worried.

I am worried…

What will happen to America if they stop supporting Israel and Jerusalem?

I am worried…

What will happen to my great country America?

I am worried…

If we turn our back on God, will God turn His back on us?

Perhaps God is already sending us warnings… and it would be best that we heed them SOON!

Let me show you what I am talking about…

forcibly-remvodIn 2005 nearly 10,000 Israelis were forcibly expelled from their homes in Gush Katif, Israel. To this day many of those Israelis are still living in temporary shelters and others still paying for mortgages on their long-ago destroyed houses.

The United States government, including then President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, played a major role in pressuring Israel into carrying out these one-sided concessions as appeasement for the Palestinians.

In return for the removal of its own citizens from Gaza what has happened? Have these concessions brought peace?

How about TEN THOUSAND MISSILES as a “Thank You”…

That’s right, OVER TEN THOUSAND missiles have been fired into Israel from the very place they withdrew from for the sake of peace.

Israelis are now terrorized ALMOST DAILY from the continuous missile fire out of Gaza. In the South, Israelis live on eggshells, never knowing when they will have to rush to a bomb shelter with only a moment’s notice.

Imagine if we had to dodge missiles … from Mexico.

BUT you are probably wondering… what does this have to do with America?

“If America continues to force Israel to give up land to the enemies of Israel, the judgment of God will come to America in unprecedented portions. I want to ask Washington a question. Is there a connection between the 9,000 Jewish refugees being forcibly removed from their homes in the Gaza strip, now living in tents, and the thousands of Americans who have expelled from their homes by this tremendous work of nature. Is there a connection there?”

John Hagee, “Jerusalem Countdown,” Sermon Series (2005)

The United States government played a key role by pressuring this Israeli withdrawal.

Do you know what happened only ONE WEEK LATER?



And do you know that when Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans 500,000 Americans were displaced from THEIR HOMES…

Do you know what it means that 500,000 Americans were displaced from their homes?

Look at it this way…

What percent of the United States population was displaced by Katrina? 1.6%

What percent of Israel’s population was displaced by Gush Katif? 1.6%

Coincidence? Does God ever act in a random manner?

BUT WAIT, the similarities are far more troubling…

  • Gush Katif was located in Israel’s southern coastal region… and it was America’s southern coastal region that was struck by Katrina.
  • The Israeli government demanded Gaza residents evacuate their homes… and the U.S. government called on Louisiana residents to evacuate their homes.
  • Many residents of Gaza climbed to their rooftops to escape the threat of expulsion… who can forget the news footage of residents of New Orleans on their rooftops escaping the flood waters.
  • Gaza homes described as “beautiful and charming” were demolished… and areas of New Orleans described as “beautiful and charming” were flooded and destroyed.
  • Citizens of Israel were barred from entering Gush Katif and Gaza in advance of the expulsion… and as Katrina was making landfall U.S. authorities barred citizens from entering the storm ravaged areas.
  • The bodies from the Gush Katif Israeli cemetery needed to be uprooted and moved… and in New Orleans there were reports of corpses floating out of the ground from floodwaters.
As if all of this is not enough, there’s EVEN MORE!

Look at this SPOOKY fact…

“Katrina” when written in Hebrew has a numerical equivalent of 374.

Two relevant passages in the Jewish Torah share the EXACT SAME NUMERICAL VALUE:

“They have done you evil.” (Genesis 50:17)
“The sea upon land.” (Exodus 14:15).
Are we listening to these messages from God?



Do we hear what God is saying to us?


You don’t think Main Stream Media is going to tell you about this stuff, do you?

And it’s NOT only America that is turning its back on Israel, the whole world is!

Look what happened to the United Kingdom…

banned-in-the-ukIn April 2010 the United Kingdom’s “Advertising Standard Agency” RULED that an advertisement from the Israel Government’s TOURIST Office breached the U.K.’s guidelines on “truthfulness.”

What did they deem “untruthful?”

The Israeli advertisement showed the “disputed” Holy Temple Mount as being part of Israel!

Does it get anymore absurd and frightening than this?!

Now Israel is no longer allowed to even DISPLAY the sight of God’s Holy Temple in an ADVERTISEMENT!

But look what happened next…

Just DAYS later a volcano in Iceland erupted spewing ash that shut down the United Kingdom’s ENTIRE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY.

Airplanes were unable to take off or land.

The United Kingdom’s entire TOURISM industry instantly froze as no tourist could arrive by air. Hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues were lost. And this went on for WEEKS!

It’s as if God said “If you mess with Israel’s livelihood (tourism), I’ll mess with yours!”

I ask you again… Could it ALL be a coincidence?


If you Believe in God, then you know there are NO COINCIDENCES!

So now let me ask you… what can you do?

Just like me, I know you see what’s going on.

And just like me, I know you feel helpless.

And just like me, I know you’re worried about Israel.

But, truth be told, God will watch over Israel like a lioness over her cubs.

The truth is, it’s not Israel I’m worried about… it’s AMERICA!

america-must-support-israelPerhaps now, more than ever, America needs to stand up for Israel and Jews around the world.

This might just be the key for world redemption.


But what can you do?

What can one person do?

Perhaps there is one way.

And this is really why I’m writing to you.

The Whole World Hangs in the Balance and YOU can make the difference…